Non-fatal strangulation clinical training event

This event has a clinical focus on strangulation.

As you may be aware, a new specific offence of Strangulation and Suffocation was introduced in Section 70 of the Domestic Abuse Act 2021 which came into force on 07 June 2022. The Institute For Addressing Strangulation (IFAS) was set up by the Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine in partnership with SafeLives and Bangor University to increase awareness of risks associated with strangulation & suffocation.

Strangulation is sadly common in domestic abuse and sexual violence. It can have serious medical consequences with victims of strangulation in domestic abuse being seven times more likely to become a victim of domestic homicide.

This event will explore the signs and symptoms of strangulation, the effects of strangulation on the brain, forensic and medical management and the provision of the best evidence for the court process.

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