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First Forensic European Meeting

The first Forensic European meeting in Brussels.

Susan Chasson –
President of the International Association of Forensic Nurses: USA

Sheila Early –
International Director at Large International Association of Forensic Nurses Forensic Nursing Consultant/SANE-A Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Stacey Mitchell –
Forensic death investigator: USA

Piet Machielse-

Glovanni Muttillo-
Italy forensic specialist

Jonas Lindgren –
Forensic death investigator: Sweden

Jo Delaforce –
Founding President of the UKAFN: United Kingdom

The first meeting took place at the European Federation of Nurses Association. (EFN) in Brussels. The attendees had arrived to meet with Paul De Raeve General Secretary to discuss Forensic nursing in Europe and how to raise awareness and have this speciality recognised.

UKAFN Launch 2007

In March,2007 saw the official launch of the United Kingdom Association for Forensic Nurses (UKAFN), held at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, in South London. The first association of its kind in Europe, the UKAFN brings together forensic nurses from across the country.