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Research Opportunities


There are many reasons why nurses, paramedics or others may want to undertake research into forensic healthcare settings.  This includes, but is not limited to, a desire to understand in more detail a particular problem encountered in practice, for academic progression, need to demonstrate a commitment to their speciality, career advancement and of course a desire to contribute new knowledge.

Both the police custody healthcare and sexual assault examination settings have a relative dearth of available research literature.  As such they are fertile areas for research, and in common with other branches of healthcare, they have a myriad of unanswered questions that can provide the “raw material” for research projects of varying complexity. It is important to ensure that projects are evidence-based and ethic.

The UK Association of Forensic Nurses and Paramedics (UKAFNP) welcomes the investment of researchers in both the police custody and sexual offence examination. This includes established researchers and students undertaking postgraduate research projects.

UKAFNP may be able to assist researchers with understanding the nature of the role of forensic nurses and paramedics, as well as the challenges. UKAFNP many also be able to help researchers reach participants via the UKAFNP newsletter, email bulletins and social media sites (subject to the approval of the President and Steering-Group).

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