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2022 | Scratching the Surface

22 - Poster
22 Agenda

Attendee Feedback:

“Much work went into the day’s arrangements. Organization great, guest speakers excellent, lovely to meet similar people”

“This conference exceeded my expectations and is going to be difficult to surpass next year, or perhaps not?”

“This was my first conference, the knowledge shared has been invaluable. Very relative to the role”

2021 | One wet, one dry, but why?

Poster Conf21
21 Agenda

Attendee Feedback:

“As always, a great day educationally, and to catch up with colleagues across the country. The networking this year was of particular benefit to me professionally”

“A great day overall and looking forward to next year. Was good to see how the police work out who commits the crime”

“It was a good day with great speakers – though provoking and great networking”

2019 | From party scene to crime scene

Conf19 Poster
19 Agenda

Attendee Feedback:

“Another lovely day networking with colleagues old and new and interesting and as always, interesting sessions”

“All the speakers were very interesting, the whole day well thought out and organised.”

“Fantastic from start to finish, excellent speakers the whole day was amazing and informative.”

2018 | ACEs, A Lifelong Influence?

2018 Poster
2018 Agenda

Attendee Feedback:

“Great conference”

“Very informative and thought provoking”

“Will change my practice”

2017 | If you tolerate this then your children could be next

17 Agenda
17 Agendapt2

Attendee Feedback:

“Such an amazingly emotional and thought provoking day. Thank you!”

“I really enjoyed it. Such a lot of work went into it. Thankyou so much”

“It was fantastic. Thank you for organising”

2016 | The Future is bright, the future is UKAFN

Conf Agenda 2016 1:2
Conf Agenda 2016 2:2

Attendee Feedback:

“Excellent, fantastic, can’t wait for the next one”

“Generally an excellent conference programme”

“Wide ranging but equally important as one another.  Presentations were all appropriately times and set a level, which were interesting and relevant”

2015 | A World of Change

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Attendee Feedback:

“All speakers were very informative”

“All energetic and enthusiastic.  Excellent”

“A good all round day with a variety of excellent speakers.  Looking forward to next year”