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UKAFNP 2021 Conference | “One wet, one dry, but why?”

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UKAFN 2019 Conference | “From party scene to crime scene”

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UKAFN 2018 Conference | “ACEs, A Lifelong Influence?”

Adverse Childhood Experiences from cradle to grave

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Adverse Childhood Experiences

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UKAFN 2017 Conference | “If you tolerate this then your children could be next”

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Attendee Feedback:

“Such an amazingly emotional and thought provoking day. Thank you!”

“I really enjoyed it. Such a lot of work went into it. Thankyou so much”

“It was fantastic. Thank you for organising”

UKAFN 2016 Conference | “The Future is bright, the future is UKAFN – Celebrating 10 years of developement, inovation & awareness”

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Nina’s Story

UKAFN 2015 Conference | “A World of Change”

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“A World of Change”

Attendee Feedback:

“Excellent, fantastic, can’t wait for the next one”


“Generally an excellent conference programme”

“Wide ranging but equally important as one another.  Presentations were all appropriately times and set a level, which were interesting and relevant”

“All speakers were very informative”

“All energetic and enthusiastic.  Excellent”

“A good all round day with a variety of excellent speakers.  Looking forward to next year”

UKAFN 2013 Conference | “Trips and Slips in Forensic Practice”

UKAFN Conference 2013 | Conference Report

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