Next week is Forensic Healthcare Practitioner Week 2023


The UK Association of Forensic Nurses and Paramedics (UKAFNP) is proud to announce the second annual Forensic Healthcare Practitioner Week (#FHPWeek), building on the success of last year’s inaugural event. The week-long campaign (6-12 November 2023) aims to celebrate, educate, and raise awareness about the vital role that forensic healthcare practitioners play in the UK’s healthcare and justice systems.

Forensic healthcare practitioners work in either police custody or sexual assault referral centres, although some work across both settings. Broadly, they are responsible for assessing and treating any injuries or minor illnesses, recognising conditions that require onward referral. In addition, both groups are responsible for forensic examinations and sampling, providing written statements for the courts and giving oral testimony in court as required. 


  • To celebrate the hard work and dedication of forensic healthcare practitioners.
  • To raise awareness about the specialised skills and knowledge required in this field.
  • To engage with commissioners, professional organisations, and the public to underscore the importance of forensic healthcare.

The theme for 2023: Justice through care

This year’s theme, ‘Justice through care’, focuses on the intersection of healthcare and justice, emphasising the role of forensic healthcare practitioners in making the unseen Seen. The campaign aims to highlight the often-overlooked yet critical contributions of these professionals in healthcare and justice settings.

Getting involved

We invite all stakeholders, from practitioners to commissioners and the general public, to get involved in this important week. Here are some ways you can participate:

  • Social Media Campaign: Share your skills and knowledge on social media using our downloadable “Skills & Knowledge” board. Use the hashtag #FHPWeek and tag us @UKAFN.
  • Open Letter: Read and share the open letter, which elaborates on this year’s theme and the importance of forensic healthcare.
  • Daily Themes: Engage with our daily themes on social media and share your thoughts, experiences, and expertise. Look out for our daily posts on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn and videos.
    • Monday: The front door to justice: An introduction to forensic healthcare
    • Tuesday: The autonomy spectrum: Skills and knowledge in forensic healthcare
    • Wednesday: Sexual assault referral centres: A safe haven for survivors
    • Thursday: Mental health matters: Addressing psychological needs in custody
    • Friday: Substance misuse: The role of forensic healthcare in harm reduction
    • Saturday: The intersectionality of care: Serving diverse populations in forensic settings
    • Sunday: Looking ahead: The future of forensic healthcare in the UK
  • Photo Challenges: Participate in our photo challenges to showcase the diverse skills and populations served by forensic healthcare practitioners.

By getting involved, you’re not just raising awareness; you’re contributing to a larger movement that aims to advance the field of forensic healthcare in the UK.