Education forum launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Education Forum. The forum is open to members and non-members with the aim to bring a wide group of interested parties together to explore the opportunities for education, training and career development within forensic medicine.

The UK Association of Forensic Nurses and Paramedics is committed to developing and promoting appropriate education and training. However, clinical forensic medicine in the UK currently has limited opportunities for education and training and as a result, there is a lack of career development pathways.  We believe that the UK Association of Forensic Nurses and Paramedics has a role to play in identifying standards for education, potentially accreditation and\or delivering training, while also providing innovation in relation to career development. 
We are really excited to announce the formation of the UK Association of Forensic Nurses and Paramedics Education Forum, which will include a four-monthly meeting for anyone who is interested in developing education and training in our forensic medical world. We will endeavour to work with our wider stakeholders to develop a space for people to come together to explore if this is something they would like to participate in.
We are therefore asking for anyone who is interested in being part of this exciting new initiative to sign up using the link below. It is not necessary for forum members to be a UK Association of Forensic Nurses and Paramedics member, but membership is encouraged.

The meetings will be held remotely via MS Teams on the second Tuesday every four months starting on the 14th of June 15.30 – 17.00 pm.  An MS Teams invitation will follow for those who sign up.

We encourage members to share this forum with their colleagues, managers, education leads, clinical leads, etc.

Best regards,

Marg Bannerman

Education Officer