Best Practice in Mental Health in the Criminal Justice System

This one-day conference will bring together leading authorities from the NHS, Police, Courts, Prisons, Voluntary Organisations and psychologists working with criminals. The primary focus is to promote mental health and wellbeing for individuals who get caught up with the criminal justice system. Due to the difficulty in understanding or knowing the various needs of those in the criminal justice system, these professionals are partnering up with us to deliver this conference to shed light on the demands, the lack and the focus of mental health care in this system. Additionally, they will cover the challenges, opportunities and advantages of their various organisations. Their goal is to inevitably create a criminal justice system which is more coordinated, with a well-implemented, integrated and focused mental health care plan for those in their system, not only for offenders, but also for staff and other personnel.



  • Sara Hughes | Chief Executive, Centre for Mental Health



  • Lord Keith Bradley | Former Member of Parliment for Manchester
  • Dr Lucy Gore | Clinical Psychologist
  • Dr Hanah Stringer | Clinical Psychologist
  • Lady Edwina Grosvenor | Trauma-Informed Practice
  • Katharine Sacks-Jones | Alliance for Women & Girls at risk
  • Lorraine Atkinson | Preventing suicide in prison
  • Michael Brown OBE | Policing & Mental health issues in CJS
  • Burcu Borysik | Health inequalities and lives experience
  • Jenny Talbot OBE | Care not Custody Prison Reform Trust
  • Darran Heads | Adult offenders with Learning disabilities or difficulties
  • Kate Davies OBE | Improving Mental Health for veterans in custody
  • Kirk Turner | Therapeutic communities in forensic settings
  • Dr Annette Greenwood | Supporting traumatised staff in secure settings
  • Dr Maggie Leese | Women, Mental health and imprisonment
  • Dr Sarah Turnbull | Mental health, vulnerability and immigration detention
  • Dr Nick Kosky | NICE: Mental health adults in contact with CJS