Investigating a complex murder: Combining forensic and legal medical expertise

Using as a starting point a real-life murder and sexual assault, this meeting, organised by The Royal Society of Medicine, will approach the different forensic specialities who may be involved. You will learn about current best practice and ethical dilemmas in the field.

Experienced speakers will show how a single case can involve many different forensic and legal practitioners, and raise legal, clinical and ethical concerns for each of them.


Meeting topics

  • Be aware of how a complex murder investigation evolves
  • Understand the roles of different forensic specialities
  • Know current best practice in custody and sexual offences medicine



Registration, tea and coffee

Welcome and introduction

Speaker setting the scene (GMP)

Examination of unconscious woman (Dr Michelle Carroll)
Tea and coffee break

Care of suspect – new guidelines on fitness for interview (Dr Margaret Stark, Specialist in Clinical Forensic Medicine)
Panel discussion


The forensic pathologist’s role (Dr Philip Lumb, Forensic Pathologist)
The forensic psychiatrist’s role (Professor Keith Rix, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist)
Tea and coffee break

How coroners would be involved (Mr Sean Horstead, Assistant Coroner)
Panel discussion

Closing remarks

Close of meeting