NHS APA | The impact of stigma on people with addiction

The NHS Addictions Provider Alliance (APA) invites you to join them at their free and virtual conference on the 13th October 2021.

Stigma all too often prevents a person from seeking or accessing the vital treatment and support they need to recover from addiction.

Addressing the problem of stigma, which has clouded addiction treatment services for far too long, is a critical element to improving understanding of the complex issues surrounding addiction and a vital step in improving access to treatment and services.

APA’s 2021 conference is about spotlighting the problem of stigma and aims to consider;

  • The impact of stigma on people living with addiction;

  • How stigma impacts access to treatment and services;

  • How stigma influences the way policies and practices are set;

  • How can the sector begin to overcome these challenges and change public perceptions around drug and alcohol treatment services?

  • How the disconnect with the rest of the health care economy perpetuates stigma.

APA’s 2021 conference will explore these questions through a range of speakers and presentations both from clinical professionals as well as those who have lived experience of stigma.

This event will be provided online and for free for all delegates. Register your place today.