Vacancy | Paramedic Steering Group Member

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The UK Association of Forensic Nurses and Paramedics are looking for a new Paramedic Steering Group member. This is a great opportunity for a Paramedic with a keen interest in forensic healthcare to help develop, promote and lead the profession.

The UK Association of Forensic Nurses and Paramedics is inviting applications from Paramedic members to join the Steering Group. We are particularly looking for a Paramedic working within forensic healthcare, who is passionate about their work, and would like to contribute to UK Association of Forensic Nurses and Paramedics‘s aims of;
  • Raising the awareness and profile of Forensic Healthcare Practitioners
  • Working together to develop, improve and maintain a high standard of forensic evidence collection
  • Providing high-quality practitioner care for all individuals in a holistic manner
  • Working in partnership with relevant government bodies and all forensic collection specialists, including physicians and police
  • Ensuring a high standard of forensic health and healthcare
The UK Association of Forensic Nurses and Paramedics Steering Group is made up of Nurses and Paramedics currently working, within either the police custody setting or sexual assault examinations (or both).   Steering Group members meet at least quarterly, represent UKAFNP and it’s membership at a number of national forums, boards and meetings, plan and contribute to an annual conference and quarterly newsletter, and liaise with education providers about training and development. 

The successful candidate will have some experience of leadership, strategic thinking, innovation and development and be knowledgeable about Forensic Practice and clinical care within a SARC and/or custody setting. However, the main attribute needed is a passionate, forward-thinking attitude to help drive the UK Association of Forensic Nurses and Paramedics forward.

The Steering Group members are volunteers who are not paid for their time and efforts. Therefore the successful candidate needs to be enthusiastic, passionate and pro-active!

If you would like to apply, please send your CV and a cover letter to Include all your relevant experience and what you would contribute to the UK Association of Forensic Nurses and Paramedics team. Please get in touch if you are interested or would like an informal chat.