Improving Practice & Supporting Survivors in Sexual Assault Referral Centres

First National Conference
A Joint Mountain Healthcare & Healthcare Conferences UK Conference

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This Best Practice Conference will provide valuable insight and discussion for anyone working in the field of rape or sexual violence.

The wide programme which includes lived experience, expert sessions and examples of innovation will bring together delegates to share information, advance learning opportunities and support professional growth. It will particularly useful for policy and decision-makers, people working in the criminal justice system, police officers, forensic physicians, health professionals, those working in safeguarding, those supporting people through court and therapeutically. The day will be Chaired by Dr Kate Shardlow, Medical Director and Emelia Spencer National Director for Sexual Assualt Referral Centres and will cover a wide range of patient focussed topics including; What does excellence look like, National Guidance and Quality Standards (FFLM) and Developing supportive services for children and young people. During the day there will be an opportunity for practitioners to work collectively with the guidance of subject matter experts to look at some of the current and emerging challenges within the field of sexual assault.

This conference will enable you to:

  • Understanding the lived experience of sexual assault: a survivors perspective
  • Developing Supporting Services for Children and Young People
  • What does excellence look like?
  • National Guidance and Quality Standards (FFLM)
  • FFLM Guidelines into practice
  • Sexual Assault and drugs and drink spiking
  • Improving professional responses to children and young adults
  • Improving practice: Police responses to sexual violence crimes
  • Learning from investigations
  • Supports CPD professional development and acts as revalidation evidence. This course provides 5 Hrs of training for CPD subject to peer group approval for revalidation purposes