NEW PRODUCT | Forensic sampling protective gown

Recently while watching an episode of the BBC’s Hospital documentary, Sue Fewkes (UKAFN‘s Vice President) spotted clinicians wearing a long-sleeved disposable apron on the intensive care unit. Sue immediately thought these aprons would be useful for forensic healthcare clinicians working in either police custody or sexual assault examination settings, specifically when taking forensic samples, rather than using the standard, sleeveless aprons commonly available. Sue contacted the intensive care unit at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, where the documentary was filmed, who kindly put Sue in touch with their supplier.

Sue sits on the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine Forensic Science Subcommittee, which meets every six months to update the ‘Recommendations for the collection of forensic specimens from complainants and suspects’ guidelines. Sue has taken samples of the long-sleeved disposable apron to the subcommittee, where it was well received by all, including the Forensic Regulator.

It is important to note these products have not been subjected to formal testing, nor is this an endorsement of the products outlined below.

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EasiGown full-sleeve apron 1

EasiGown full-sleeve apron 2