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Postgraduate Certificate – Advanced Forensic Practice (Sexual Assault or Custody)

Postgraduate Diploma – Advanced Forensic Practice (Sexual Assault or Custody)

Masters in Advanced Forensic Practice (Sexual Assault or Custody)


Course Outline

One of the distinctive factors of this course is in the title ‘Advanced Forensic Practice’.  The term ‘Advanced’ in the title has not been used lightly.  The Department of Health (DH) published a Position Statement on Advanced Level Nursing (DH, 2010), which describes the benchmark of Advanced Level Nursing as; a level of practice well beyond that of first registration, rather than a speciality or role description

Particularly unique is the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Sciences Crime Scene House, which displays crime scenes, with cameras to record every aspect of the students forensic practice in collecting and assessing evidence, along with the state of art Science Block, which houses the most up-to-date science laboratories.  Live models will be used for students to assess and map wounds, undertake forensic sampling and body-mapping exercises.  The Law School has a full sized Court Room, again with cameras to allow formative feedback for students giving oral evidence.  Providing students with these rare insights into real life situations, within safe learning environments, will provide the best possible preparation for the reality of practising in forensic environments.

This course has been judged to have met UKAFN’s Advanced Standards in Education and Training in Forensic Practice (ASET) and as such successful students of the Postgraduate Certificate will receive an ASET Certificate from UKAFN.


Course overview

This course will underpin the legal, forensic and clinical knowledge to ensure practitioners work in an evidenced-based manner and will fulfil the requirements to be a competent witness in court. The course will embrace the principles set by the FFLMUKAFNNPIA, along with other regulatory and professional bodies.

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Entry requirements

You must have been a registered professional with either; the Nursing and Midwifery Council for at least 4 years or if a Paramedic 2 years with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and must have appropriate experience (HO, 2012), where forensic examination of either alleged Perpetrators is part of your role or alleged Victims of Sexual assault is part of your role.  You will be responsible for identifying a Preceptor in your workplace who meets the UKAFN and Staffordshire University’s Criteria for Advanced Forensic Practice Preceptor.


Further information

Adv Forensic Practice Flyer 17-18 Application Form Guidance Notes
Preceptor Criteria Preceptor Declaration Reference Request
Module Request Form Student Feedback



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For students or employers wanting further information on the Advanced Forensic Practice course please contact Marg Bannerman the course leader,

For Higher Educational Institutes interested in delivering a UKAFN approved, ASET certified course.  Please contact UKAFN’s Educational Officer Marg Bannerman,



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