#ALLisNotLost – Part 2 Video | Sexual Assault Awareness

All is not lost is a campaign aimed at helping victims of rape to secure justice. It’s about the crime of rape. It’s about victims of rape. And it’s about perceptions.

Through a series of films, Leicestershire Police hope to highlight how best to support victims, by encouraging quick reporting of offences, by preserving evidence, and by challenging prejudice and misconception.

It’s also a campaign about change – the change in mindset that is required to challenge misconceptions, and to look beyond what we think we know.

Leicestershire Police‘s campaign begins with a film. It’s about a fictional rape, performed by professional actors and filmed on location in the East Midlands earlier this year. But while it is fictional, it is a scenario that many people will feel is all too horribly familiar.


Leicestershire Police’s second part to their fictional film explorse the events leading up to the crime through the perspective of other people. This second film has been classified as a 15 certificate and carries a suitable warning at the start.

The overriding message to victims of rape of this campaign is that all is not lost. The police are here to support you, to fully investigate the crime committed against you, and to help you to help us get justice.